BHP Billiton Careers, the Reason I Should Apply on

Before you are taking the new careers, you should take the careers based on the skill you have to ensure that your skill is not waste away. For this problem, if you are an electrical engineer, you need to find the career with the same skills that you have. There are many careers on electrical engineer that you can take for you and one of them is BHP Billiton.

Well, there are many careers you can get on this company will support you to learn, grow, develop your skills and reach your potential. They offer you diverse of careers opportunities. Thus, you should not miss it away. One of the careers you can get on this company is electrical engineer. You can apply to this career if you have followed requirements to get this career.

These are following requirements of skills and experience:

  • You should have a minimum C class for manual drivers license
  • You should have the project experience among the mining or any related sector
  • You should have the relationship building and strong communication skills
  • You should have the experience with HV and LC distributions and switchboard design, Arc Flash calculation, protection as well as protection settings and also studies
  • You are the tertiary qualifications in the electrical engineering and has the experience in applying the electrical statutory requirements

Perhaps you are wondering about if you get the BHP Billiton careers, the reason I should apply is? Well, before we are talking about the reason, you should know about what kind duties that you should do to this career.

You should know what kind of duties before applying the new career because it can help you to prepare anything that you need for it. The duties for electrical engineer on this company are:

  • Participating to the investigation into supporting and failures project functions to all of stages where there is a requirement for electrical technical support
  • Supporting operations or maintenance functions to resolve the electrical risks or problems
  • Ensuring the content of electrical technical document to maintain and reflect “as built’ condition as per authorized changes and modifications
  • You should collaborate with the vendors, suppliers, and consultants to make sure that your services are provided within specs and plan
  • You should work with the other function groups within the operations to help you in coordinating the provision of technical support
  • You should ensure that all your job is completed and stick to the scheduled with the safety and quality standard based on the customer requirements

Those are the duties that you should do if you are accepted to this career. Besides you should understand about the electrical problems, you also require being a good communicator because you can work with the other group together. Thus, you should prepare all things you need to get this career and changes your life to get better life.

If you are taking about the BHP Billiton All available careers, the reason I should apply, you need to know that every career has a various reason which can invite you to submit your application to their career. This company also has its own reason. If you join to this company, you will get more interesting and challenging work in the supportive team culture. You also can develop your skill and get more benefits like parental leave policy, education assistance, wining share scheme, and incentive bonus. Thus, what are you waiting for? If you have those requirements for skills and experience, let’s submit your application to this company before you feel so regret because you don’t submit your application there.

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