When I Decide to Apply SASSA Learnerships? Now or Later?

While you are looked for the new job, there is an important thing you should know. What kind of careers you want for your future life? Everyone wants to have a better learnership in their whole life to ensure that they can reach their dream in the best way. Hence, what kind of learnerships you want to take in your life? If you live in around South Africa, there are many brilliant Latest Learnerships 2018 you can take one for your best. You just have to choose one of the best learnership which you like most. Well, you should like your job first to ensure you can get easy in doing no matter hard your job is. Thus, you can take the learnerships which you like most.

One of them is SASSA learnership. SASSA stands for South African Social Security Agency and provide the learnership program for the unemployed graduates. This association is one of the best learnership you can get in your life. If your social respect is higher than the others, this association will be the best learnerships for you. Well, perhaps you are wondering when I decide to Apply SASSA Learnership? Before you are graduated from your university and join to this association, it will be better if you join the internship program first.

Perhaps you are wondering why you should get the internship program first. Well, if you get the internship program, it means you will know what they do and also it can decide whether the learnership is your best options or not. If you still want to work there, you can apply your work application to their association with telling to them that you have done their internship program. It will make you can be considered more to accept to their association. So that is why, if you have a chance to join their internship program, don’t waste it away.

If you are curious about what kind of learnership that this association works, these are the functions of the association itself which you should know. The functions of this association are:

  • Deliver, maintain, collect as well as collate the information which is necessary for central management, security payment and reconciliation of payment in the data base for all applicants and beneficiaries for social assistance.
  • Accomplishing a compliance and fraud mechanism to ensure that the integrity of social system security is maintained.
  • According to Social Assistance Act 2004, chapter 3, is delivering the social assistance and fulfill any functions allotted to the other agencies under the same Act.
  • Providing all services with an agreement or a provision of appropriate law.

Every time you want to apply for internship program, there must be some requirements you should fulfill to help you get the program as well. For the main requirements you should have to apply this program:

  • You should be a South African citizen with your age between 18 to 35 years
  • You are a student who needs more Experiential Training
  • You should are studied in the recognized higher learning or institution in the Republic of South Africa.

Those are the main requirements you should know before applying to this internship program. You also should want to write your application by your hand because they will not accept your application if you are sending the application by using email or fax. Thus, when you think that when I decide to Apply SASSA Learnership is when you are ready to join to their internship program first. And after it, you will be ready to join with them as a new employee after the internship program has been conducted.

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