Department of Education Learnerships: Improving Education of Victoria

There are many types of jobs available. For those who wish to work for government and love to work on educational fields, you can choose Department of Education Available Learnershsips 2018 as your future plan. Department of Education is a part of Victoria State Government. This department is responsible in leading the provision of development and education services to adults, children, and young people directly via state schools and indirectly via the funding and regulation of training programs, services for early childhood, and non-state schools. This department implements the policy of Victorian Government on higher education and training services, services for early childhood, and school education. This department also manages the government schools of Victoria and directs improvement in secondary and primary government education.

The vision of this department is to provide all Victorian with the best development and learning experience, making the state a more prosperous, smarter, and fairer place. Education can be considered as a fundamental need in the development of families and individuals, and to creating a powerful society, which has bigger social mobility, better outcomes of health, and powerful economic employment, growth, and productivity. This department has a main role in forming the Victoria’s future and the lives of its people. The organization supports every Victorians to achieve their potential, no matter what their circumstance, background, or postcode, and to develop attributes, knowledge, and skills the Victorians need to thrive and participate in a complicated society and economy. The goals they set, the systems they support, the services they offer, and the changes they implement are focused on enhancing opportunities and outcomes for Victorians and supporting these people to create rewarding, happy, and healthy lives. The organization achieve these objectives by doing the following acts:

  • Promoting economic growth, innovation, and excellence.
  • Supporting adults, children, and young people with well-coordinated targeted and universal services close to the place they reside.
  • Working with partners and providers to create an integrated development system and education from birth to adulthood.
  • Ensuring every Victorians have fair access to quality training and education.

To guide how the organization serve the Victorians, support staffs, make decisions, build relationships, and work in general, they use several principles, such as:

  • They have the skills and capabilities to achieve their priorities
  • They deliver top quality services and advice
  • They are responsive to every Victorians’ needs
  • They use evidence to create decisions
  • They work with impartiality, integrity, and transparency
  • They are accountable

Some of the values being upheld by Department of Education are a commitment to human rights, leadership, respect, accountability, impartiality, responsiveness, and integrity. The leaders of this department have a commitment to working with their partners and staffs to deliver their vision for their people. The executives of the department sign up to a charter of leadership in 2015 to present their mutual commitment to authentic, strong, and ethical leadership for the department. This charter give a clearance to Victorians to the department’s leaders will always focus on the outcomes and wellbeing of the families, children, and young people they serve; empower and invest in staff; work with integrity and be accountable; and work as one entity.

Department of Education provides several area for learnerships, such as sessional employment (exam vetting and assessing), teaching careers (overseas and interstate teachers), early childhood careers (education, health, research, management, and leadership) and graduate recruits (working on team projects, learning presentation skills and public policy). Working within these area can be very satisfying and stimulating. To get further information regarding vacancies, job desk, and benefits on each careers, you can visit their website or visit their office and discuss with their staffs.

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