Get the ARMSCOR Learnerships, It Is Worth?

Before you are taking the new learnerships in your life, there is something you should know before it. There are many people who want to have the best learnerships in their whole life, as well as you do. Thus, before applying for some careers, you need to know about what kind of learnerships you like most. It will help you to apply certain careers which can reach your dream in the best way. There are many careers options you can take and one of them is getting the learnerships on Department of Defense.

If you want to get career in those kinds of department, you can submit your application to the ARMSCOR agency. Well, perhaps you are wondering if you get the ARMSCOR learnerships, it is worth? Working here is very worth for you because there are thousands applicants who submit their application to get the learnership in this agency but just some of them are accepted. It means that you can get many competitors to get the learnership on that agency. Well, there is one thing that will help you to get the learnership on Department of Defense. It is about you should join their apprenticeship before submitting your application to this agency.

If you live in the South Africa, you should find out about what kind of requirements you need to get their learnerships. This program will help you a lot in knowing what kind of their job based on the field that you are mastering off. There are many fields you can take one based on what you have learnt in your school. They are the construction fields with major of boilermaker, joiner, rigger, sign writer or painter, shipbuilder, and welder; the electrical fields with major of electrical fitter and electrician; the mechanical fields with major of mechanical fitter, pipe fitter, turner, and also fitter and turner; and the last one is electronics with major of electronics equipment merchanician. You just have to point out one of majors you have mastered off because it will help you to get this program as well.

As we know, in every program, even if it is an internship, or an learnership, and any other programs, there must be some requirements you should fill to get it. For this learnership program, the requirements are you should have national certificate of Vocational Level 4 will be an advantage for you and also you have passed Grade 12 with physical Science and Mathematics but not maths Literacy.

Those are the requirements you should have if you want to apply this program as well. It is not only about them, you also should know the other things if you want to apply this program like:

  • You should write as detail as possible the copy of your ID, and CV
  • You should attach your Matric results and certificate
  • If you are late to submit your application from the closing date, your application will not be considered
  • Correspondence will be limited to the short listed candidates
  • The short listed candidates will be valued by security clearance, reference checking, and psychometric assessment as the part of selection process.

Thus, if you are asking to get the ARMSCOR learnerships, it is worth? the answer yes it is worth for you. You should get the learnerships first to help you get the career in easier way. If you have those kinds of requirements, don’t miss the chance to work with them away. You should do harder if you want to get their program as well as to join as one of the part of them.

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