Learnerships in Mining Fields: What You Chose? Entrepreneur of Learnership in AEL Mining?

With a lot of people looking for a learnership, getting your desired learnership according to your interest is not easy. There are times when the job you get has nothing to do with what you have learn during your college days. At the same time, there are people who get their dream South Africa (SA) learnerships 2018. Some people choose to be an entrepreneur instead of working for a company to create more learnership vacancies. However, there are people who prefer to work for bigger bodies instead of creating one. Actually, there are a lot of companies that offer various learnerships. One of them is AEL Mining. This mining company is suitable for those who wish to work at mining fields. AEL Mining Service is a company based in South Africa that is considered as one of the leading supplier, producer, and developer of blasting services, commercial explosives, and initiating systems for construction, mining and quarrying markets in South Africa. It is a part of JSE-listed AECI Group in South Africa.

The head office of AEL Mining is located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Founded in 1986, AEL Mining has become the leading suppliers for initiating systems and explosives around the world. It consists of sixteen business, with complete production offices and facilities across Africa, Southern Africa, and several selected worldwide area within Europe, Southeast Asia, and South America. This company has total 34 sites and 58 plants in over 20 countries. Every year, the sales of this company can reach more than R6 billion. The AEL business at Southern Africa accounts for approximately 60 percent of the sales, and the other parts of Africa accounts for 33 percent. Southeast Asia and South America made up the balance of this company.

AEL provides the most updated generation of services and products in blasting operations. These products and services include blasting accessories, electronic detonators, igniter cord, centralized blasting systems, capped fuse, shock tube systems, detonator cords, and boosters. This company also supplies and produces ammonium nitrate and its solution from their own manufacturing operations. The manufacturing plants offer the company with the ability to deliver and produce timeously, despite the increasing demands. It also supplies a huge variety of packaged explosives.

So, why working in AEL Mining is more beneficial? It is because AEL is a company that continuously evolve with development, innovation and growth embedded within the people and culture of the company. Students and employees are involved in every day’s activities and they vies the company as ‘University of Doing’. This company also known to invest a lot in ongoing basis to focus on the development of employees and building their potential as a leader.

The human resources department in AEL is assigned to develop and recruit up and coming workers who will assist the stalwart of explosive industry ultimately to achieve global growth. This department is driven by the intention to employ the most efficiently and expertly trained staffs to help the company achieve its purposes. Some of the expertise the division are looking for include logistics and research students, mining engineers, accessories and explosives technicians, chemical and mechanical engineers, and instrumentation and electronics experts. Some of the intervention for development provided by SEL are in-service training and study loans for students of university of technology, program for management development, program for chemical operations study, etc. With all of these promising working environment, what you chose? Entrepreneur or learnerships in AEL Mining? Either way, make sure to think thoroughly for your decision so you will not regret your choice later. You can learn more about learnership in AEL Mining by visiting their website and contacting their customer services.

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